And Acceptance is the Answer

“And acceptance is the answer to all my problems today."

Broken window blinds, road construction, new job description, 

grey hair, freckles and broken fenders, aching joints, 

Catherine at 4th Presbyterian said,  "I ask God to help me open a jar."

And Volie of Sanford told us about Jenny with congestive heart failure, "Settin’on her porch 'Just lettin' the Lord love me.'"

My discontent like an albatross of the most cringeworthy image,

a broken mast ship, and a bright white bird, peaking waves and troughs,

rocking like a subway, a metaphor that I know more,

the packed Hertz bus leaving LAX, lurching, I grab a stranger's arm

steady my feet, locate the hanging strap, and hold on. 


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